Monday, 18 June 2007

What's in a title?

What's in a title? Well, take this one for example: "Salman Rushdie Does Not Deserve a Knighthood But He Must Keep It". It says it all really. And yet, the author of the post, Tory TV presenter Iain Dale, felt he needed to clarify things by stating: "Let me be clear". It precedes a personal statement: "I cannot stand Salman Rushdie". Too much information. It appears that Iain Dale has taken a disliking to Salman Rushdie because he is a successful author, and because Iain Dale was unable to grasp what Salman Rushdie was writing about. He failed to get much past the first chapter. For a one time book publisher himself, it doesn't say very much for Iain Dale does it? He cannot even give Salman Rushdie the credit for being a best selling author, merely stating that he has sold thousands of copies which is correct in one sense. Only, it would be more accurate if he had said hundreds of thousands. That Salman Rushdie has been given a Knighthood for his services to literature has upset Iain Dale. Perhaps, he feels that his minor contribution is deserving of a honour? He does say that he believes that there are more deserving causes. Sob, sob. Still, he resigns himself to the fact that he is powerless to change what The Queen has ruled shall be the case.

Perhaps, Iain Dale's back legs are going a bit now that he is getting older? Because he says again that he cannot stand. Only this time it: "is people saying that this is a "provocative act" and Britain should apologise for it". Then he launches an attack upon the: "Pakistani religious affairs minister". This will go down well with the progressive David Cameron, I don't think! In any event, whilst this might not be the best way forward in diplomatic relations for the PRAM in that he : "has gone so far as to say it warrants a suicide bombing unless Britain apologises". Iain Dale shows himself not to be a diplomat with this proposed sanction: "Perhaps our response should be to cut off all our millions of pounds of aid to Pakistan until this minister is sacked from the Pakistani government". It is of course a question and required a question mark and was not meant as a closing statement.

Iain Dale is a failed politician. Those that can do, those that can't criticise.


Bel said...

Those that can do, those that can't criticise.

Now that's not necessarily true, is it?

And if true, perhaps that would also apply to you, who have set up a blog for precisely the purposes of criticism? :)

That aside, a very warm welcome.

I agree with your point: it is a bit strange to say that someone does not deserve a knighthood, and make it appear that the reason you think that is because you 'cannot stand' him. That aside, I agreed with Iain's article.

And why should Iain be 'diplomatic'? Islamic fundamentalists do not understand diplomacy. In fact, if anything, we should be way harder on them.

Will be back from time to time to read some more of your posts. Have fun, and kind regards,


The Great Clunking Fisk said...

Thank you for your warm welcome Bel.